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The new TrackMan Range experience helps all players practice with feedback and a purpose. Data points including; Launch Angle, Launch Direction, Ball Speed, Carry, Total Distance and Side are tracked, with the entire trackman experience delivered to you with an easy to use app that you can download for free.




To get started download the free 'TrackMan Range' app and follow the on screen instructions. Please follow the appropriate link below, based on the type of device you own:


At the bottom left of your device's screen, there will be a 'Profile' icon. Press this part of your screen and sign up for an account, using your email address or Facebook account. This is a key step which will allow you to keep track of the data from all of your TrackMan Range sessions.


Once you have created an account with TrackMan, return to the 'Play' section of the app. Choose the desired mode you would like to use, you will be asked to join the TrackMan Range WiFi (this may happen automatically for some devices). This is necessary as you will not be able to track your session unless you are connected to the system's WiFi network.


To begin your practice session, select the mode you would like to use while practicing then simply select the club you are using from the 'CLUB' menu located at the bottom of your screen. 

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Competition will run June 15 – July 15, 2021!

From June 15 to July 15, 2021 you will be able to compete against other golfers at our TrackMan-powered driving range in the first ever TrackMan Bullseye Championship. Join the competition and put your skills to the test. The game is simple - play 3 rounds of 3 shots each. Points are awarded based on carry distance to pin. You may play as many times as you want, but only your best score counts! The TrackMan Bullseye Championship activity card will automatically appear and be visible on any supported iOS or Android personal devices and on TrackMan in-bay screens.

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